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Atinuke Hassan


Cynthia Obadagbonyi


Eke Chiabuotu Linda


Funke Fawehinmi


Gbemisola GeorgeBSc




Dr. Ivie OnweaniBS.c


Iyiola Foluke Susan


Dr. Michael FatokunMBBS, FWACS, FMCOG


Dr.Olusola AkinniyiMBBS, FWACS, M.Sc

Embryology, Medical

Omotola Oke


Prisca Uzomma


Toun OsunbadeMatron


At Trucare Fertility Clinic, we deploy the best in human and material resources to assist couples with the challenge of infertility. Our team works in a harmonious and professional manner to complement the output of the high-tech equipment in our facility. Our success rate tells the rest of the story. We pledge absolute support, comforting attitude and expertise at all times. We are always more than delighted to hear couples announce that they are pregnant – To the GLORY OF GOD. We encourage all such challenged couples to come forward and talk to us.

Trucare is a leading fertility clinic based in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.. Since inception, Trucare has consistently helped women struggling with infertility to achieve pregnancy. We attribute our success rate to good clinical judgement, laboratory expertise, our knowledge and technical skills in ICSI, IVF, PESA, SPERM DONATION, EGG STORAGE etc

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Why we are the best Fertility Clinic

We can give you the very best chance of having a baby – whether this is your first attempt with IVF, or you’ve tried but had unsuccessful treatment cycles elsewhere.

A typical result for patients under the age of 37 in their first cycle is 40%, and yet, we also regularly succeed with patients who have experienced failed treatments at other clinics. This is because we offer you so many cutting edge treatment options lacking in other centres. We also provide sophisticated screening procedures.

We are reputed for the quality of our work in the development of new technologies in fertility and we continue to expand the horizons of IVF science. At Trucare you have access to the best in science, modern technology, clinical and nursing practice. So whichever group you belong to, first time or repeat treatment cycles, our promise to you is that calmly, discreetly, professionally we’ll always offer you the very best chance of becoming pregnant.

At Trucare Fertility Clinic therefore we are well placed to assist couples with the challenges of infertility due to:

  • Tubal Blockage
  • Woman not producing egg
  • Woman not menstruating
  • Woman who has reached menopause but still wants to be pregnant
  • No sperm at all
  • Low sperm count
  • Sluggish sperms/structurally defective sperm
  • Couple unable to achieve pregnancy for unknown reasons
  • Inability of the man to have sexual intercourse regularly
  • Poor erection or premature ejaculation
  • Couples not living together/Distant couples who desire to achieve pregnancy

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