Testicular Sperm Aspiration

TruCare Fertility Clinic offers an outpatient Testicular Sperm Aspiration service.

TESA procedure removes sperm directly from the testicles. In this procedure, a needle is inserted directly into the testicles in order to collect the sperm. Because sperm collected from the testicles are immature, it is necessary to use ICSI in order to fertilize an egg.

There are numerous ways to harvest sperm from a man with normal sperm production and a blockage. The simplest and most cost-effective is an aspiration of sperm. This is routinely performed under local anesthesia and takes approximately 20 minutes.

In the past, men who failed to have any sperm present in their semen would not have been able to conceive a biological child. Instead, couples suffering from this type of male factor infertility would have had to rely on a sperm donor in order to conceive a child. Nowadays, variety of techniques exist that can be used to collect sperm directly from the testicles, which can then be used in ICSI.

Our goal at TruCare Fertility Clinic for Male Reproductive Medicine is to provide the safest, most effective patient care and to collect as much good quality sperm as possible to minimize the need for future multiple surgeries.

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