Percutaneous Sperm Aspiration

TruCare Fertility Clinic offers an outpatient Percutaneous sperm aspiration service.

Percutaneous sperm aspiration (PESA) is often the first course of treatment when no sperm is found in a man’s semen, as it does not require any surgical cuts. It is a fairly short procedure, taking not more than 20 minutes to complete and requires only local anesthetic.

During PESA, a needle is inserted through the scrotum into the epididymis and is used to remove the liquid inside. Because doctors are looking to collect between 10 and 20 million sperm, in some cases, multiple aspirations in one or both of the testicles are necessary.

Since sperm removed from the epididymis are not fully mature yet, it is necessary to use ICSI to fertilize the  eggs. Men with Congenital absence of vasdeferens (CAVD) or who have scar tissue in their vas deferens are the most suited for this procedure.

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