Embryo Storage

TruCare Fertility Clinic provides Egg and Embryo Storage, otherwise known as Egg and Embryo Banking, as an option to preserve fertility for future use.

Depending on the client’s specific wishes, frozen embryos can later be thawed and used in an attempt to conceive a child. Eggs banked can be thawed and fertilized through the ICSI procedure and embryos generated transferred into womb of the women.

Our secured storage facility and flexible storage plans provide short-term and long-term banking options at competitive prices.

Our laboratory staff performs daily quality controls to ensure that each cryogenic tank is in good condition. We monitor the liquid nitrogen level of each tank and replenish the liquid nitrogen as needed. The storage area is locked at all times and access is limited to authorized personnel only.

The laboratory staff follows written standard operating procedures pertaining to the storage, maintenance, retrieval and transfer of frozen specimens to ensure cryogenic safety. Complete records are maintained on all stored tissues and activities pertaining to the stored specimens.

Reasons for Embryo Storage

  • By couples whose infertility treatment includes an assisted reproductive procedure (IVF) or micromanipulation (ICSI) andany women produce numerous eggs due to fertility drugs. Often, only a handful of the embryos are re-implanted into the uterus. Storing the remaining embryos can make additional procedures less expensive and easier.
  • By any female diagnosed with cancer who will undergo treatments that may reduce or diminish her fertility potential. Women considering egg storage due to a cancer diagnosis can also have their eggs fertilized, creating embryos for storage.

Excess embryos following embryo transfer

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