Sperm Donor Program

TruCare Fertility Clinic offers  sperm donor program to help couples and single women successfully conceive their baby.

You can use sperm donated by someone you know, or by someone who has made an anonymous donation directly to our clinic.

The first step is a consultation with our Fertility Specialist who will discuss the process, assess the health of the woman or couple seeking the donation, and arrange any preliminary testing that is needed.

The couple (or single woman/women if applicable) will then need to meet with our Counselor and discuss the long term implications of treatment using donated sperm.

The next step is to choose a donor that will be suitable for you.

Sperm donor program

Indications for donor sperm
  • For couples in which the male partner has very poor semen parameters and IVF/ICSI is not an option or the male partner has absolutely no sperm.
  • For couples in which there is no male partner.
  • For single women desiring children.
  • For couples in which the male partner carries a gene that needs to be avoided because the gene has a significant health risk for the offspring.
  • For couples in which the male partner has significant infectious disease(s) that cannot be treated and needs to be avoided for the female partner.
Protocol to follow:
  • Book an appointment with us to confirm that the treatment with donor sperm is correct for the individual/couple.
  • Testing, which will include blood work, assessment with cultures and Pap smear if needed, and evaluation of the uterus.
  • Psychological evaluation before proceeding.
  • Consent forms for a donor sperm treatment cycle must be signed.

The sperm sample will either be used for IUI or IVF/ICSI depending upon your circumstances

How does sperm donation work?

All our donors undergo rigorous preparation for donation, including:

Medical Screening: Thorough medical history, including family and genetic history; tests for HIV, Hepatitis B & C, Syphilis, blood group, Rhesus antibodies, genotype and full blood count.

Counselling:  donors and their partners spend time with our counsellors to consider the legal, psychological and implications of donation.

Family Limit: All donors are only able to help create five families worldwide. As we reserve one family for our donor, we can only allow four women access to a donor at any time.

Book An Appointment
  1. Fill in your personal details and brief description of your treatment needed
  2. Choose the department and staff along with the time slot
  3. Check available appointment

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