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Infertility is a tropical issue worldwide. In our environment, up to 20% of or 20 couples out of every 100 have difficulty in achieving pregnancy? The burden cuts across all strata of the society. In the past, little could be done to help these couples. Thanks to recent advances in medical sciences and technology, most couples can now hope to achieve pregnancy using one or combinations of the many procedures currently available.

At Trucare Fertility Clinic, we deploy the best in human and material resources to assist couples with the challenge of infertility. Our team works in a harmonious and professional manner to complement the output of the high-tech equipment in our facility. Our success rate tells the rest of the story. We pledge absolute support, comforting attitude and expertise at all times. We are always more than delighted to hear couples announce that they are pregnant – To the GLORY OF GOD. We encourage all such challenged couples to come forward and talk to us.

Trucare is a leading fertility clinic based in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Since inception, Trucare has consistently helped women struggling with infertility to achieve pregnancy. We attribute our success rate to good clinical judgement, laboratory expertise, our knowledge and technical skills in ICSI, IVF, PESA, SPERM DONATION, EGG STORAGE etc

Apart from our ability to carry out the latest treatment, we endowed with a rich team of experts in infertility , who understand the huge emotional issues and investment made when couples decide to take treatment for infertility . We’ll do everything we can to explain the clinical aspects of treatment, which procedure best fits what situation, and what you can expect once treatment begins .

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TruCare Fertility Clinic Lagos is a purpose-built, fertility clinic in Victoria Island, Lagos designed to provide infertility treatment solution to patients in Nigeria and Africa.

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